is a suggestive bathing resort, in province of Syracuse. It overlooks the mediterranean sea and preserves zones of splendid and uncontaminated nature, dipped in a continuous sunny and coloured party from May to October in a blue depth frame. All of this would be enough to justify a temporary stay.

The beauty of the colours of the sea, the diversity of the various coasts, the purity of the sea depths determines the suggestive glamour of this corner of Sicily.

Shaped by the action of the wind, the coast is a follow one another of rocky cliffs vertically to the sea, grottos and sea cavities of incomparable forms and colours which alternate lonely bays of very white sand.

It is possible to admire, in the Ognina neighbourhood, several villas of several architecture, sloping roofs or with wide terraces, surrounded by very splendid and very tidy gardens. Besides, in the  neighbouring  tortuous and secular olive-trees, prickly pears, almond trees in flower in december will not fail to astonish you.

So Ognina is a quietness world surrounded by the sweet smell of the mediterranean spot, the splendid cliffs, a crystal and uncontaminated sea rich of fish, true heaven for the lovers of  fishing and underwater photography.

The mentioned naturalistic beauty just gives a valid example of as the resort, and more in general all Sicily, it can offer indeed so much to the tourist.

 Besides, his strategic position, allows to reach and visit all the most important resorts of artistic and landscape interest of the southeast coast of Sicily easily.

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Al largo di Ognina. Il tramonto del sole.